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Bubblegum Rainbow Self Striping Sock Yarn

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Bubblegum Rainbow Self Striping Sock Yarn

Bubblegum Rainbow is one of my latest sock yarns available in my Rainbow Spectrum collection. It’s a bright and fun sock yarn that features an 18 stripe repeat with all the colours! Heel and toes are created with a separate mini skein.

Choose from yarn split over 2 x 50g matching skeins plus matching 20g mini, perfect for making the most out of your self striping yarn for knitting identical socks or knitting socks two at a time, just remember to start at the matching end on each rainbow skein (marked by matching coloured ties) The colours will stripe as you knit. Or a 100g SW Merino with nylon skein perfect for cowls, hats and small accessories.

Available yarn bases:

• 100g skein of SW Merino with 25% Nylon 

•2 x 50g SW Blue faced Leicester with 25% nylon with a 20g mini skein.


Ready to Ship! This batch has been dyed over 2 x 50g skeins That are identical. This is perfect for two at a time sock knitting or similar use of longer repeats as you can start at the same point in the repeat on both skeins, reducing skipping stripes to get to your start point to make a matching pair. 

You will receive 2 x 50g skeins of yarn that measures 200M each approx. I recommend the use of a skein winder, unwinding your skein without the proper amount of tension can result in tangles. 

If you purchase a ready to ship skein with a pre-order skein all items will be sent together on the date set for the pre-order to be shipped. 

The Blue-faced Leicester yarns are British. The fibres are then scoured and Superwash Treated in the UK to the highest environmental standards possible.

Our Merino yarns do not come from farms practicing mulesing. Our Merino is mulesing free.

I use a professional wool dye system to prevent colours from running or fading. Please use a wool specific soap and shape to dry. 

Due to monitor differences actual colours may vary slightly from how they appear online. P&P is tracked from the U.K.


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