French Girl Knits Accessories by Kristeen Griffin-Grimes

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French Girl Knits Accessories by Kristeen Griffin-Grimes
Journey with Kristeen Griffin-Grimes as she delivers an encore of her signature French-inspired aesthetics to French Girl Knits Accessories. Organized in vignettes that offer knitted accessories for any time of every day, you'll find modern, appealing projects that invite you to imagine your own daily lives enhanced by wearing such lovely designs. 

Discover 16 intermediate knitting projects that cover a full range of accessories for women. Designed with French savoir-faire―that is, versatililty and adaptability―the projects run the gamut from shrugs, hats, gloves, and mittens to wraps, stoles, socks, and slippers. Want to add more romance with lace or ribbon? Desire a perfect pleat or fold? Sidebars and techniques include simple how-tos for these concerns and more. Throughout this collection of small projects, you’ll find an emphasis on clean, modern lines and style, all inspired by vintage and romantic fashion details.

Along with French Girl Knits Accessories, grab your favorite knitting needles, a baguette, and a glass of wine. Before you know it, you'll be on your way to creating romantic French-inspired projects.

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