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Winding Service
Winding Service

Choose from a selection of two extra options to receive your yarn. Please note, you will receive a skein of yarn as the default option unless you add one of the following to your cart (excluding skeins above 150g) in multiples of your desired winding amounts, even the cake option. If you do happen to only want a single ball winding out of an order of more than one please let me know during checkout which skein you do want winding otherwise I will have to choose one at random.

1) Cake: free service, I will happily wind your yarn purchase for free into a cake, it is then easier to wind into a ball at home without the use of a skein winder. Your cake of yarn is posted to you in a box to avoid squashing during transit.

2) Ball: £2 charge for each ball, I will wind your yarn order into a 'gobstopper' type ball. This fee is per ball so please add multiples of however many balls you wish winding otherwise I will select one ball at random (if multiple purchased) to wind.

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