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Stitch Alchemy Kelli Perkins

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Stitch Alchemy Kelli Perkins
Combine two hot trends for a mixed media sensation! Stitch Alchemy teaches techniques for integrating paper and cloth to create quilted mixed media art. Blend the versatility of paper with the dimensional qualities of cloth for paper-cloth which can be easily transformed into collaged quilts using a variety of embellishment techniques from painting to stitching, needlefelting to beading.

Paper-cloth is appealing to many artists because it's inexpensive, and requires less space, equipment, and skill than dyeing fabrics for quilt making. Yet the end results provide layers of complexity and textural appeal. Paper-cloth can also be used to make a wide variety of mixed media projects including art quilts, art dolls, jewelry, artist books, and more.

You will learn step-by-step techniques for making basic paper-cloth, adding color and interest to the foundation with inks, stains, paints, and glazes, how to texturize, printmaking techniques, effects, and more. Ten projects range from bookmarks, paper beads, a journal cover, an inspiration deck, pocket book, and more. A multi-contributor photo gallery will inspire.

If you are interested in altered art, found and recycled art, needle felting and nontraditional elements you will be drawn to Stitch Alchemy, the first book to cross mediums and show how to blend the versatility of paper with the dimensional qualities of cloth.

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